HT-2000 infrared DRYER
In Heattecksolution you can order and buy infrared drying for cars. Our company has been successfully cooperating with auto services and manufacturers of high-quality equipment for painting in Toronto for many years. Infrared drying for car service are among the most popular and useful equipment.

You can buy IR drying on cash and non-cash. The order of wholesale batches is possible. 

Why infrared drying?

 First of all, the owner of any service center is interested in the quality of services and speed. In the case of painting on the speed of the painter's influence is quite problematic. But it is possible to shorten the time spent on drying as much as possible and at the same time prevent dust from getting on the painted parts. Infrared drying for cars allows you to create the optimum temperature and evenly distribute heat over the painted surface. At the same time, the price of infrared drying for car service allows you to very quickly recoup the money spent on equipment.

Where to buy in Toronto infrared dryers for cars?

 Our company actively cooperates with leading world brands in the field of car painting. The tremendous experience allows us to select the optimal solutions in terms of the cost and specifics of the equipment offered to our customers. At the same time, we make sure that you get the best infrared drying for car service, and the price was at more than an adequate level.

We can purchase and accessories. For example, infrared lamps for drying paint. Many service stations are faced with a similar problem. Buy a lamp for drying certain models is not so easy. For our customers, we will always be able to find the right part.