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Infrared paint curing lamp Heatteck Solution HT-2000


Infrared paint curing lamp HT-2000



The use of an infrared curing lamp in Bodyshop repair speeds up the process of drying and hardening clear coats of primers and body fillers.infrared paint dryer

Using an Infrared drying lamp HT-2000, after a couple of minutes from the moment the device was turned on, all the parts that need to be repaired are heated to the required temperature. This is due to the fact that energy is not consumed in the space that is between the heater and the repaired part but is immediately transferred to the body surface. Using a heater with infrared paint curing lamps, the part that undergoes painting is heated from 60 to 140 ° C, although the element can be heated to 160 ° C.

Using infrared shortwave paint curing lamp HT-2000, the time taken to completely dry the part is about 5 to 12 minutes.

Infrared paint dryer 


When using shortwave dryers, the material is polymerized faster, which is facilitated by the waves penetrating the dried paintwork much deeper.

 infrared dryer

 Already immediately after cooling, drying and hardening, paint, clear coat or primer can be processed (polished, sanded, etc.).

The Heatteck Solution 2000 infrared curing lamp is portable, hand-held and completely mobile mounted on four sturdy castors (two lockable). Such kind of frame and base saves time and space in the box, but you can never drive a car into a paint booth at all.

HT-2000 bulbs with infrared radiation are mounted in the housing and equipped with a reflector to improve the reflection of waves.

Nowadays, infrared paint curing is widely used and is one of the most popular methods for drying car body paint coatings. Short wave infrared curing lamp-heating devices can be used to dry parts of various shapes and sizes.


Installation of infrared drying - types and designs 


HT-2000 infrared curing lamp, due to its small size, is used on small surfaces outside or inside the car, as well as in the engine compartment.

portavle infrared lamp

The portable or mobile infrared drying HT-2000 has a wider range of applications, in addition to the automotive industry, it is used in aircraft manufacturing, electrical plants, etc. In such installations,

infrared lamps for drying are mounted in separate units. In turn, each unit has four infrared lamps for drying and allows adjustment in height, angle of rotation and tilt within 120 degrees.

Another number of properties that mobile infrared paint curing lamp has is that it allows you to dry the roof of a car body.

Racks to which infrared drying lamps are attached have wheels for easy movement, which are blocked by built-in brakes.

Additionally, the control unit is fixed on the rack; with its help, infrared curing lamp is turned on and off with an interval set by the operator.

Mobile infrared drying HT-2000, due to its versatility, is the most popular.

Due to the lifting height of the heating element, even individual parts of trucks, buses, trams, etc. can be dried.

The main features of the short wave curing lamp HT-2000

  • Large cure area-no hot or cold spots.
  • Short, controlled curing times.
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Lower cost and running costs than other infrared system
  • High quality components
  • Compact,modular design
  • Strong, stable and rugged construction
  • Easy to move with an effortless
  • Efficient on space utilization 
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Designed and build in Canada
  • Very effectively meet the needs of the Auto Collision repair industry today and in the future.


How IR curing lamps are used for drying

The main advantages give reason to speak so flatteringly about the HT-2000:



    • Higher quality paintwork - due to the fact that drying occurs from the inside, there are no such things as bloating, cracking, etc.  

  • The drying effect appears immediately after turning on the infrared emitters, which direct rays locally on the part or body part to be painted. 
  • There is no alternative for local drying with the infrared method. 
  • The infrared lamp for drying is more convenient for local painting works - unlike the convection method, it allows you to dry the desired surface area without any particular hassle.
  • The presence of a mechanical control unit allows you to choose a convenient mode for any type of coverage - other methods do not provide such an opportunity.
  • The equipment works without inertia - immediately after switching on it is ready to work.
    At the same time, it does not take time to warm it up and to enter the operating mode. 
  • Low energy costs are an important factor in modern conditions of rising energy prices.
    The ability to carry out the polymerization of powder paints, which requires a temperature not lower than 200 ° C.
  • Until recently, the use of powder paints was considered possible exclusively in the factory.

  • For local drying with the shortwave infrared paint curing lamp HT-2000, there is no alternative.


Now let's look at how IR curing lamps are used for drying the paintwork after painting a car:


In passport conditions of automotive paint, obligatory manufacturers specify the conditions under which it is recommended to carry out the hardening of the paintwork.Therefore, to begin with, it is recommended that you carefully read the accompanying documentation of the auto paint you have chosen to paint your car.The same applies to fillers, primers, etc.It is recommended to pay special attention to the maximum solidification temperature that the manufacturer indicates for their products.It must not be exceeded - otherwise the paintwork will be of poor quality.Turn on the IR lamp in the electrical network and select on the control unit the mode that best meets the requirements of the paint manufacturer.Set the time and distance. Distance has to be no less than 60cm for plastic surface and 50cm for metal.

After all the required parameters are set, start drying - remember that the device works without inertia, so the solidification time starts from the moment the lamps start working.After the curing process is finished, inspect the result , make sure that it is of proper quality.Go to polishing or sanding paintwork.

Total curing time for HT-2000

Paint material
Total curing time
Top Coat
7-10 minutes
2-7 minutes
Water-Base Filler
7-9 minutes
3-8 minutes
Body Filler
2-3 minutes

 Drying paint using shortwave infrared curing lamp is one of the fastest, most efficient and convenient ways.

Parameters of drying materials when using short-wave infrared drying.

Average drying time
Layer thickness
Fiberglass body filler Onyx, Black Carbon
6 min
3 mm
Filling body filler Bold, Unifill
3 min
3 mm
Finishing Glaze Turbo-T filling
2 min
1 mm
Primer V2012 HS 4:1
10 min
100 µm
Primer-filler V2007 4:1
7 min
100 µm
Single stage paint
12 min
60 µm
Clear coat
14 min
60 µm
Drying before polishing, including removal of the blending
25 min
60 µm

These tables allow us to conclude that with the repair of several body elements for most materials,

a significant saving of time and energy is achieved when using infrared drying equipment, even in comparison with paint-drying chambers.

Short-wave infrared drying in skilled hands is a powerful means of increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness of the entire service at low cost.

Infrared drying is a rational method of using electricity. Use this method as often as possible!

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How to make the process of car repair cost-effective.

How to make the process of car repair cost-effective



    • cost effective ir lampAt the stages of preparation and coloring of the car used a large number of different materials: body filler, putty, primer, paint.

      A detailed technical description is always attached to each of the products, including its chemical composition, the proportions of mixing with reducers, hardeners, application modes, pot life, and other additional information.

      As one of the most important technological indicators, the drying modes of the materials used are indicated, mainly characterized by two quantities: temperature and duration over time.

      It is not difficult to control the last of these parameters.

      Much more difficult to withstand the temperature of drying. In order to do this, you must have special equipment.

Starting from the moment when the painter, having completed some stage of work, leaves the painting chamber, the further production cycle, its performance will depend on some time on inanimate factors, which, nevertheless, have a great influence on the quality of the work and, accordingly, on its profitability. It is of great importance under what conditions the drying will be carried out, with the help of what equipment, with what energy consumption and, most importantly, for how long.

After all, any service center is, first of all, a commercial enterprise. Its normal functioning without profit is impossible. And the natural desire to get a good profit makes, first of all, reduce the time spent on the execution of certain operations.

Reducing the time of manual pneumatic spraying, in simple terms, coloring, which is completely subjective, does not seem appropriate.

Excessive haste of the painter when painting can give the opposite of the expected, negative result. Although in this case it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in time without loss of quality with the use of modern paint guns with high characteristics in terms of paint transfer coefficient, width and uniformity of the torch, and cost effectiveness when using material consumed by the working air.

It turns out that the main objective component of the growth performance of the service center is to increase the efficiency of drying modes.

Again, the main ones are: temperature and duration over time. We are talking about possible options for a reasonable improvement in the efficiency of these parameters, since the first of them, temperature,

leads to an increase in energy consumption for the service, and the second, time, simply lengthens the repair process.

It would be banal to say that the higher the cure temperature of the product deposited on the surface being repaired (whether it be polyester putty, primer filler or clear coat),

the drying and polymerization process, e.g. bringing to readiness for subsequent operations with this material will be significantly reduced in time.

The argument “significantly” on some products may mean a reduction of the forced drying time by a factor of ten compared to the natural one.

Of course, the “higher temperature” criterion is fairly arbitrary. Only having an excessive sense of humor can be attributed to the technological modes of heating, for example,

polyester putty to the point of its melting or clear coat until a characteristic blue haze appears.

Only with strict observance of all technological regimes and peculiarities of the preparation and painting process, it is possible to provide services of high quality, to give clients a guarantee for the work done.

It is rational to combine so many requirements only if the car service station is equipped with reliable professional equipment.

The list of such equipment, above all, includes Infrared lamp. It is the shortwave infrared paint curing lamp that ensures strict adherence to all technological parameters of painting and drying, recommended by manufacturers of paints and clear coat,

and it is the presence of a professional paint drying lamp that clearly distinguishes a prestigious car-care center from a garage workshop for any client.

Needless to say, to make the repair process even more cost-effective is infrared paint curing systems. The method of infrared drying is significantly different from drying in the camera. The latter uses a large amount of air, which warms up all the details of the car.

This is undoubtedly the most effective in the case of full body painting or a significant part of it. But according to statistics, it is only about 30-40% of all repairs. Most of the work in the service station has to perform operations on several separate body parts, when they are dried in a chamber,

most of the energy is inefficiently spent on heating unpainted parts.

The advantage of infrared car paint curing equipment is that it heats only those parts that are directly in the path of the rays, focusing the energy in the right place.

Thanks to this infrared dryer, most preparation and painting work can be done with very high efficiency outside the spray booth. Especially when drying several body parts.

This significantly increases the labor productivity of painters and reduces the cost of operations performed.

Drying with infrared paint dryer is ideal for materials with a small thickness, such as paintwork (body filler, primer, clear coat) and other materials, the drying of which requires a large amount of energy.

The principle of the effect of infrared drying on the heated material is as follows. The infrared rays penetrate into the coating to be dried and heat it evenly throughout the thickness due to the transfer of the excess internal mechanical energy of the molecules excited by infrared radiation into thermal energy. This physical phenomenon allows you to quickly remove residual solvent from the entire layer, while eliminating the "boiling up" of the soil or paint, and catalyze the polymerization process of almost all paints and varnishes. Despite the high rate of drying of all materials during infrared drying, it should be borne in mind that, for example, dark colored soil absorbs infrared radiation better and dries faster than light.

Infrared dryers, widely used in car services, are usually equipped with one, two or three reflectors - spotlights. Naturally, the greater the number of lamps in the infrared system, the higher the area of ​​heating. Reflectors have a certain degree of freedom, can change the angle of inclination of the spotlights relative to the heated area and thereby more evenly warm up areas of complex geometric shapes, various curved surfaces of body elements.

All infrared dryers are mounted on a rack with a large base on the wheels. In this embodiment, the drying is stable, it maintains balance even with soffits carried a maximum distance, it can be easily transported to any part of the workshop.

One-tube infrared drying is very popular. Actually, the whole installation is one IR-lamp in the case with built-in power supply. Such plants are designed for drying small repair areas, for example, with partial tinting.

It can be concluded that the technology of infrared drying allows you to ultimately get the paint coating, absolutely identical in its chemical and physic-mechanical properties of coatings with natural drying, only ten times faster!

The table shows the average duration of drying materials for the preparation and paints and clear coats. One cannot but agree with such an obvious factor in the economic feasibility of using the short-wave infrared drying method.

Heatteck Solution is one of the famous infrared paint curing lamps supplier.

buy infrared curing lamp


Buy infrared curing lamp


Portable equipment for curing paints and paint coatings. Ideal for local repair. The equipment has a rigid structure and compact size. Double cassette mounted on a vertical rack. On a vertical rack can be installed as a single (model HT-1000) or double cassette (model HT-2000). The equipment is equipped with a two-layer short-wave infrared lamp (a ruby-red quartz tube with a diameter of 19 mm).

buy infrared curing lamp

aluminum alloy cassettes that provide effective cooling and durability;

reflectors made of polished stainless steel;

a special handle allows you to freely move the cassette block and easily lock it in the desired position;

A simple control system allows you to precisely adjust the parameters of temperature and power;

panel of durable and wear-resistant material;

Aluminum alloy base. The structure is tough, durable and light weighted;

H-shaped platform allows you to set the lamp curing paint anywhere for drying;

mobility is provided by 4 rollers, 2 of which are equipped with a stopper;

fast adjustment of position of the cartridge.

Why our lamp is the best choise

What is the difference between infrared curing HT-2000 lamps and other shortwave infrared paint curing lamps supplied to Canada?

        1. HT-2000 is assembled in Canada from Canadian and American components.

        2. This lamp is powered from the 110V. There is no need for bodyshops to reconfigure electrical outlet for 220 volts, as most of the lamps supplied from Europe and China have a voltage of 220 volts.

        3. HT-2000 has ETL certification. 

          ETL Demonstrate Compliance to North American Product Safety Standards.Intertek ETL infrared paint curing lamp 

          ETL is recognized in the United States and the Canada. 

          For the consumer, checking for the ETL mark is an easy way to separate the decent stuff from the junk.

          When you buy our infrared lamp, you can be sure and recognize it.

        4. Excellent mobility of infrared drying is carried out at the expense of four wheels.

          To fix it on one workplace - just use the brake on two wheels. Rotating console with infrared lamps can be adjusted in height - up to 2 m.

          For comfortable work, the system is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder.

          A special lever fixes the lamp at the required height.

          Small overall dimensions allow using the HT-2000 infrared dryer in small painting bodyshops.

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