What is the difference between infrared curing HT-2000 lamps and other shortwave infrared paint curing lamps supplied to Canada?

        1. HT-2000 is assembled in Canada from Canadian and American components.

        2. This lamp is powered from the 110V. There is no need for bodyshops to reconfigure electrical outlet for 220 volts, as most of the lamps supplied from Europe and China have a voltage of 220 volts.

        3. HT-2000 has ETL certification. 

          ETL Demonstrate Compliance to North American Product Safety Standards.Intertek ETL infrared paint curing lamp 

          ETL is recognized in the United States and the Canada. 

          For the consumer, checking for the ETL mark is an easy way to separate the decent stuff from the junk.

          When you buy our infrared lamp, you can be sure and recognize it.

        4. Excellent mobility of infrared drying is carried out at the expense of four wheels.

          To fix it on one workplace - just use the brake on two wheels. Rotating console with infrared lamps can be adjusted in height - up to 2 m.

          For comfortable work, the system is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder.

          A special lever fixes the lamp at the required height.

          Small overall dimensions allow using the HT-2000 infrared dryer in small painting bodyshops.